[Flower of my destiny] Birthday by month and explanation of flower language!

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This time I will talk about such a birth flower.

How much do you know about birthflowers?
When you research about birthflowers in detail, the contents are different depending on the website or the book …… isn’t it?
You might ask, “Why are there different kinds of flowers for the same month?” or “Which is the right birth flower?”

Then, I will introduce the reason why there are several birthflowers of the same month and the language of each flower.
Find the birthday flower of your destiny ^ ^

What is a birthday flower?

Birth flowers are flowers associated with the date of birth.
Flowers are allocated on 366 days from January to December.
Don’t you care when, who, and how they decided such a birth flower?
Actually, it has a proper meaning and origin.

I’m going to explain the meaning and origin of the birth flower and the birth flower of each month thoroughly.
Use it as an opportunity to know the birth flowers of yourself, loved ones, friends, family, etc. ^ ^

The dominant theory of the origin of the birth flower is the Greek and Roman myths.

There seem to be various theories about the origin of the birth flower depending on countries and regions.
In particular, I will introduce the thought of the mythological age of the people of Greece and Rome, which has a mysterious and beautiful origin.

In the mythological age, the Greek and Roman people believed that in nature there was a god who ruled each of them.
The idea was derived from the idea that “God exists in time as well as time and date.”
In addition, the Greeks and Romans believed that “Flowers and trees have mysterious powers and hold messages from God in their bodies.”
It is said that people in Greece and Rome who had this kind of idea naturally came to have the idea that “the flowers that bloom in May contain a message from the god of the moon” and “there is some meaning and they were born on this day.”

There are various theories, but it is said that this idea of the people of Greece and Rome in the mythological period triggered the birth of the flower.
For the people of that time, the birth flower was a fortune-telling like a revelation from God that suggests their own destiny, and it may have been a divine messenger that brings wealth and happiness.

I don’t know exactly when, who, and how the flowers were decided.
But at least you can understand the theory that the people of Greece and Rome in the mythological age decided the flowers of the months and months according to the divine rule.

In fact … there is no “right birth flower” now

As mentioned above, the theory that the birth flower was born from the thought of the Greek and Roman people in the mythological age is widely accepted.

Today, however, the culture and idea of “birthflowers associated with the day and month of their birth” is widely accepted and familiar in many countries other than Greece and Italy, including Japan.
Therefore, the birth flowers have changed with the times, and they are decided by referring to the seasonal flowers, the distribution situation in the flower market, and the rise and fall of popularity.

In short, it is used for advertising and marketing to increase sales of flowers.

Naturally, the kinds of flowers and the season are different depending on the country or region, so the birth flowers are also different.
Also, depending on the thoughts and preferences of the researchers and authors, the date to choose which flower to use for the birth flower may vary, so the birth flower used may differ depending on the site or book introduced.

So none of them are right or wrong.
This is the fact ^ ^;

The conclusion was that “you can choose your own birth flower that you like best“.

Birthday Flower Selected by TORAZOU

As mentioned above, we will introduce the flowers and the language of flowers selected by TORAZOU based on their own judgment and prejudice for the birth flowers of the appetizer in the popular series “Personal Jewelry”.

January’s Birthday Flower ‘Daffodil’


The flower language of daffodil

Flower language of daffodil in general “Narcissism,” “Self-conceit,” “Self-esteem,” “Unrewarded Love,” “Hope,” “Mystery.”
Flower language of white daffodil “Mystery,” “Respect.”
Flower language of yellow daffodil “Go back to me.” “I want you to love me again.”

February’s Birthday Flower ‘Plum’


The flower language of plum

Flower language of plum in general “Graceful,” “Elegance,” “Integrity,” “Patience,” “Loyalty,” “Commitment,” “Beauty and Longevity”
Flower language of red plum “Elegant,” “Beautiful”
Flower language of white plum “Graceful,” “Clear heart”
Flower language of pink plum “Purity”

March’s Birthday Flower ‘Anemone’


The flower language of anemone

Flower language of anemone in general “Expectation,” “ephemeral love,” “pain of love,” “abandoned,” “abandoned”
Flower language of red anemone “I love you”
Flower language of white anemone “Expectation,” “Hope,” “Truth,” “Purity”
Flower language of pink anemone “Waiting,” Longing”
Flower language of purple anemone “I will believe and wait for you.” “I will believe and obey you.”
Flower language of blue anemone “Believe in and wait for you.” “A firm oath.” “Long awaited”

April’s Birthday Flower ‘Sakura’


The flower language of sakura

Flower language of sakura in general “Spiritual Beauty,” “Elegant Woman,” “Chastity,” “Superior Education,” “Don’t Forget Me,” “Independence.”
Flower language of pink sakura “Elegant Women,” “Spiritual Beauty”
Flower language of white sakura “Smile at you”
Flower language of purple sakura “Elegant Women,” “Spiritual Beauty”

May’s Birthday Flower ‘Carnation’


The flower language of carnation

Flower language of carnation in general “Pure and deep love”
Flower language of blue carnation “Eternal Happiness”
Flower language of red carnation “Mother’s Love,” “Mother’s Love,” “Impression”
Flower language of pink carnation “Women’s love,” “Beautiful gestures,” “Gratitude,” “Elegance”
Flower language of white carnation “Pure love,” “My love lives,” “Remember my late mother,” “Respect”
Flower language of yellow carnation “Beauty,” “Friendship,” “Contempt,” “Jealousy”
Flower language of purple carnation “Pride,” “Graceful”

June’s Birthday Flower ‘Rose’


The flower language of rose

Flower language of rose in general “Love,” “Beauty”
Flower language of red rose “I love you”, “love”, “beauty”, “passion”, “passionate love”, “romance”
Flower language of white rose “Chastity” “I deserve you” “Deep respect”
Flower language of pink rose  “Elegance,” “Cute Person,” “Beautiful Girl,” “Pledge of Love,” “Impression”
Flower language of blue rose “Dream comes true,” “Miracle,” “God’s blessing,” “Impossible”
Flower language of yellow rose “Friendship,” “Peace,” “Confession of Love,” “Weakness of Love,” “Jealousy”
Flower language of orange rose “Innocent”, “Attractive”, “Bond”, “Trust”
Flower language of green rose “Calm,” “hopeful”
Flower language of purple rose “Pride,” “Grace,” “Respect”

July’s Birthday Flower ‘Water Lily’


The flower language of water lily

Flower language of water lily in general “Pure mind,” “Purity,” “Faith,” “Trust,” “Pure Heart,” “Compassion,” “Innocence”
Flower language of pink water lily “Trust”
Flower language of white water lily “Pure,” “Innocent”
Flower language of yellow water lily “Tenderness,” “Sweetness”

August’s Birthday Flower ‘Sunflower’


The flower language of sunflower

Flower language of sunflower in general “Looking only at you”, “Adoration”, “Passion”, “You are wonderful”, “Love”, “Makes you happy”, “Adoration”
Flower language of yellow flower “Looking to the future,” “Aspirations”
Flower language of white flower “Moderate Love”
Flower language of purple flower “Grief”

September’s Birthday Flower ‘Dahlia’


The flower language of dahlia

Flower language of dahlia in general “Gorgeous,” “Elegant,” “Refined,” “Fickle,” “Unstable,” “Dignified.”
Flower language of red dahlia “Prosperity,” “Luxuriance”
Flower language of white dahlia “Rich love,” “Gratitude”
Flower language of yellow dahlia “Flourishing,” “Graceful”
Flower language of blue dahlia “Impossible”

Gerbera’s Birthday Flower ‘October’


The flower language of gerbera

Flower language of gerbera in general “Hope,” “Always progress,” “Patience,” “Mystery,” “Light”
Flower language of pink gerbera “Sublime love,” “Compassion,” “Gratitude”
Flower language of red gerbera “Mystery,” “Mystery of Burning Love,” “Proactive,” “Enduring Challenge”
Flower language of orange gerbera “Mystery,” “Adventure,” “Patience”
Flower language of yellow gerbera “Ultimate Beauty,” “Ultimate Love,” “Friendliness,” “Kindness”
Flower language of white gerbera “Hope,” “Integrity,” “Purity”

November’s Birthday Flower ‘Camellia’


The flower language of camellia

Flower language of camellia in general “Virtue,” “Steadfastness,” “I will always love you”
Flower language of red camellia “Humble virtue,” “Subdued magnificence,” “Unpretentious Elegance.”
Flower language of pink camellia “Conservative Beauty,” “Conservative Love,” “Conservative,
Flower language of white camellia “Supreme Loveliness,” “Perfect beauty,” “Perfect Charm,” “Ideal Love”

December’s Birthday Flower ‘Cattleya’


The flower language of cattleya

Flower language of cattleya in general “Magical Power,” “Enchanting,” “Elegant Ladies,” “Mature Adult Attractiveness”
Flower language of white cattleya “Magical Power,” “Pure Love,” “Enchanting”
Flower language of yellow cattleya “Charm,” “Elegance”
Flower language of pink cattleya “Attractiveness Of Mature Adults”


How was it?
Don’t you think the origin of the birth flower and the origin of the language of flowers are very interesting?
It is mysterious and romantic to think that any small flower has meaning.

Next time, I would like to explain each flower in detail and introduce why it was used for the birth flower of TORAZOU.

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