【自己紹介】”天使(あまつか)とらぞう”とは何者ぞ?Introduce Myself.

天使とらぞう experience


I’m “天使(あまつか)とらぞう” Amatsuka Torazou.


ーIn Englishー
Hello,everyone.I’m Amatsuka Torazou.
I’m currently creating handmade works with a Japanese taste to spread the Japanese spirit.Now, I’d like to introduce myself! (Sorry for being one-sided.)

自己紹介 ~Introduce myself~

名前 ~My name~

“天使(あまつか)とらぞう”の由来は、語学留学の時に先生からEnglish Name (イングリッシュネーム)を貰ったのです^^ その名前が “Angel(エンジェル)” だったのです!読み方の “あまつか” ですが、こちらは大好きな漫画/アニメの1つでもある、西森博之さんの「天使な小生意気」の主人公 “天使 恵(あまつか めぐみ)” を参考にさせて頂きました^^ 私もめぎゅたんみたいな肉体的にも精神的にも強くて、お茶目な素敵女子を目指しております!



ーIn Englishー
The origin of “Amatsuka Torazou” is when I received an English Name from my teacher when I was studying English. The name was “Angel”! Although the reading is “Amatsuka”, I referred to the main character “Megumi AMATSUKA” of the manga/anime, Nishimori Hiroyuki’s “Tenshi na kowaiki”. I also want to be a charming girl who is physically and mentally strong!

Torazou … now is a secret.If you don’t know “Angel cheeky”, please read it! The unique world view of Hiroyuki Nishimori is MAX! With laughter and tears! What about men? What about women? I think it’s the ultimate school love comics where friendship and love make you love.

職務経歴 ~My job history~

The occupations involved are as follows. In order of the number of years of experience!
・キッズアパレルデザイナー / Kids apparel designer
・ナイトワーク / Night work(like a hostess bar)
・クロックススタッフ / Salesperson
・ECアパレル運営スタッフ / EC Apparel Operation Staff
・ハンドメイドショップ(ワーホリ時) / Handmade artist
・飲食店(ワーホリ時) / Kitchen staff
・呉服スタッフ / Kimono staff
・キッティング作業スタッフ / Kitting staff
・ジュエリースタッフ / Jewelry salesperson
・不動産事務 / Real estate affairs
・デザイナーインターンシップ(ワーホリ時) / Designer Internship
・プリンティングショップスタッフ(ワーホリ時) / Printing shop staff
Oh… When I look at my career again, it’s amazing…
Well, I’m experienced!

趣味 ~My hobby~

Next, it’s a hobby.
・ファッション / Fashion
・猫 / Cats
・ゴルフ / Golf
・漫画、アニメ、映画 / Manga, Anime, and Movies
・ダイビング(ライセンスあり) / Diving (licensed)
・旅行/国内国外共に / For both domestic and international travel
・英語 / English
・写真 / Photos
・料理 / Cooking
There are things that I don’t get into so much as a hobby, but I like them! I gave you something like that.
I’m practicing golf to the fullest.

座右の銘/モットー ~My motto~

My motto is,
Do what you love and money will follow.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Out of evil comes good.
TenshinRanman(英訳するのは難しいんで保留/It’s difficult to translate it into English, so I’ll hold it.)
There are many more, but I like positive words.

留学/ワーキングホリデー/旅行 ~My overseas experience~

Experienced, Studying/Working Holiday/International Travel
≪語学留学/Language study abroad≫
≪ワーキングホリデー/Working Holiday≫
台湾・タイ・日本国内数か所/Taiwan, Thailand and Several sites inJapan
ワーキングホリデーはギリホリだったので。。。;; 1か国しか行けなかったです;; もっと早く行けてれば、イギリスやカナダにも住んでみたかったな~… もしワーキングホリデーに興味ある人は若いうちに行っておくのがオススメです!年齢制限あるので;; 年齢はどう頑張ったってどうしようもないですもん;;
It’s hard to travel, but there are still many places I want to go! I want to go quickly.
Because the working holiday was too late… ; ; I could only go to one country.; ; If I had gone earlier, I would have liked to live in England and Canada too… If you are interested in working holidays, I recommend you go there while you are young! Because of the age limit; ; YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR AGE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO AT YOUR AGE.

まとめ ~Summary~

以上の事柄を含めて、この “エンジェルの自由帳” のブログを運営していきたいと思います^^
Including the above, I would like to run this “Angel’s Freee Dairy” blog.

Nice to meet you.


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