[Description] What is Akikusa-mon? Thoroughly dissect the autumn grass in the traditional Japanese pattern!

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Autumn Grass Pattern 秋草文 – Akikusa Mon –

It is patterned with the motif of plants and flowers that bloom in autumn, which is the season of Japan.
Autumn Grass Pattern(秋草文/Akikusa-mon) is a pattern that makes you feel the beauty of Japan that can express the beauty of silence.


What is Autumn Grass(秋草/Akikusa)?

Autumn grasses(秋草/Akikusa) are a general term for grasses that bloom in autumn.
The main plants are the japanese pampas grass(尾花/obana), the silver grass(薄/susuki), the balloon flower r(桔梗/kikyou), the golden lace(女郎花/ominaeshi), the thoroughwort(藤袴/fujibakama), the kudzu(葛/kuzu), the bush clover(萩/hagi) and the chrysanthemum(菊/kiku).

About Autumn Grass Pattern (秋草文/Akikusa-mon)

The autumnal grass pattern(秋草文/Akikusa-mon) is also one of the oldest patterns.
Until the Nara period, there were many “Karakusa-mon(唐草文)” and “Karahana-mon(唐花文)”, which were strongly influenced by China, but after the abolishment of Kento-shi (遣唐使/Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China) in the Heian period, Akikusa-mon changed from Chinese to soft and deep Japanese.
Many autumnal grass pattern(秋草文/Akikusa-mon) are not used as a single flower, but are characterized by a collection of autumn flowers.
The design depicts a picturesque autumn scene with autumn grasses such as the silver grass(薄/susuki), the balloon flower (桔梗/kikyou), the golden lace(女郎花/ominaeshi) and fluttering in the wind and butterflies and dragonflies flying in the sky.
This is a delicate and beautiful pattern woven with the Japanese sense of beauty.

Design using Autumn Grass Pattern (秋草文/Akikusa-mon)

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